bathed in grey

  • other girls: starbucks, shopping, iphones, boy drama, yoga pants, john green, uggs
  • me: gelled hair, leather jacket, sunglasses 24/7, horrible dancing, long romantic nights with miles kane, i am alex turner
Anonymous: Tips for hanging out with some good looking boys???


they’re probably really boring so make sure your phones fully charged



I think we’ve officially reached that annoying time in the year where it’s sweater weather in the morning, but by midday, if you wear a sweater, you die from heatstroke.

every year i wait for this post. it always comes right on time

Post not applicable in Florida

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16. September 2014

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  • Me: I wanna do something
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety:
  • Anxiety: No you dont
  • Me: But
  • Anxiety: No


[bottles up feelings and lets them age for 10 years like a fine wine]

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spooky orientations for halloween:

  • lesbooan
  • zombi
  • aliensexual
  • ghostay
  • panskeletonual
  • homorobotmantic
  • straight

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